Leysa Flores Portrait + Content Session

Meet the designer

Leysa is a surface pattern designer based in Albury, Australia, with a love for sophisticated and organic, fluid textures inspired by nature.

An experienced graphic designer, she also owns Leysa Flores Design, a studio specialising in branding, website design and graphic design.

She is married to James, and has three young daughters. In her spare time, she loves watching period dramas, making relaxing ambience videos for her YouTube channel, Balmy Cove, and snuggling her cats Boris and Bonnie.

Leysa is inspired by the juxtaposition of quiet minimalism set against the wildness and unpredictability of the elements, just like the calm before a storm. She sources her inspiration from stormy skies, beautiful ambient soundscapes, slow period dramas, memories of her travel in the Middle East, classic literature and history.

Leysa Flores Portrait + Content Session